Jinx Lennon / Robert Blake / C O NEILL & CO – Mc Girls, Ballinamore, Leitrim

Myself and Daragh headed to Ballinamore last night to play with Jinx Lennon & Robert Blake, It was in mc Girls, a lovely wee place with a wood burning stove in the middle of the room, Its a place that hasant changed with time or trends, no chrome bar stools or purple walls in this joint. Jinx has all set up to blow us away with Kaos pads & synths, but had to revert to an acoustic guitar when he realised there was not enough leads to go around, We got up & did our bit, 6 or 7 tunes and made our way to the bar.

Jinx jumped up next & hit the ground running, The energy was thick in the air,  as locals downed their pints and gave it all straight back up to him.
He gave us musicians in the room a masterclass in how to deal with a stage invader, who wanted to duet & shake his hand after every song. When we were leaving, Daragh turns & says “I almost feel bad for leaving” …. So we both agreed we`d have to come back for Christmas pints…. roll on December

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